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  We completely pay attention to the science and technology to develop our factory, aspire to be the intelligent product production experts in the national power distribution automation industry, now we have struck up the “High voltage electrical engineering technology center” and “automation test park”. We have also established a Long-term close cooperation relationships with some colleges, like Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and so on. Currently we have 35 professional skill persons, there are 5 experts who are with senior technical titles. We have four groups which administered Engineering technology group, Electrical team, Art technology group and New tools manufacture. We use the flating management mode to make the product’s positioning, R&D, design, trial-produce, technology, pre-sales, information search and feedback chain closed. Between each group, we can do that longitudinal management smooth, horizontal combination closely and make sure the greatest degree of satisfaction of customer needs.
  We also pay attention to investment in science and technology, we have our own developed patents and inventions up to more than 40 features. One of it called “CLVT Voltage sensor” which has been solved the operational power supply problem in outdoor high-tension switch with 10kv. So we win the American invention patent certificate, and also be honored as “The national outstanding patent engineering technology”.
  We develop the CT24 style spring mechanism by ourselves, it has high output power, stable performance and reliable action which can be allocated for 110kv breaker and GIS combined electrical appliance, so this project fills the domestic blank. We also develop the outdoor but remote control combined-type vacuum circuit breaker and Vacuum isolation load switch, they have scientific structure and shirtsleeve operation, so greatly reduce the labor intensity of operation, improve the safety and reliability of the operation. Also be honored as “National Key New Product in 2002” by SETC. Since year 2003, all of the technicists fight day and night bravely through more than 1500 days, and they have developed the using of mobile communication GPRS wireless Network successfully. For the infinite distance to spread 10kv outdoor high-tension switch, we achieve to control it from anywhere. And we also have started the hang nets operation in Zhejiang Zhoushan, Jiangsu Suzhou and Yuyao local power lines. The systematic product “Remote control voltage switch and control device” was passed provincial appraisal in 2009 which was very highly praised by the expert group, and experts affirmed it “Product performance to overall domestic products advanced level, portfolio performance and remote operation function in the domestic leading level”, also accepted by the general electric power users.

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