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 Product Description

Product Name: XB8010 permanent magnet controller
Product Description:

Product description:
L l all the industrial design, to adapt to the outdoor environmental requirements
L set current protection, reclosing, wireless remote control, local control, state acquisition, communication, and other functions in one body.
L IGBT control output and relay control output.
L l trouble wave record function, convenient for failure analysis
L air circuit breaker socket connections, easy installation and simple maintenance

1, product overview
Outdoor monostable permanent magnet controller is designed for medium voltage, double-wire permanent magnet circuit breaker, the reclosing control equipment design. Implement permanent magnet switch of the telemetry data acquisition, fault wave record, current protection, reclosing, remote communication, remote control, local remote control operation, local button operation, switch state acquisition, the switch state output, etc. Supports a variety of communication methods, facilitate choice to construct a system of distribution network automation. Support manual, far away the battery activation function; Trouble wave record function to facilitate fault analysis; Harmonic measurement for power quality analysis.

2, performance indicators
L the working environment temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃; Relative humidity: 10% ~ 100%
L the rated data: rated voltage: 220 V / 100 V; Rated current 1 a, 5 a; Frequency: 50 hz.
L power consumption: in a communication state, the device active power is not more than 5 w, apparent power is not more than 10 va.
L: sampling precision dc sampling accuracy: 0.5 on the Richter scale; Current voltage accuracy: 0.5 on the Richter scale; Power accuracy: level 1.
L electromagnetic compatibility: device of transient interference test, high-frequency interference test, surge test and interference test of electrostatic discharge, radiated electromagnetic fields interference test meet the DL/T721-2000 "remote terminal power distribution network automation system" regulation of the level 4 requirement.
L experiment: insulation insulation test in accordance with the provisions of the 6.0 GB/T14598.3-93; Impulse voltage test in accordance with the provisions of the 8.0 GB/T14598.3-93.

3, the main function
(1) remote sensing function
L three-phase voltage, three-phase current, P, Q, S, Cos Φ;
L zero sequence voltage and zero sequence current;
L frequency;
L voltage harmonic, harmonic current;

(2) remote communication function
L 10 lu yao collection letter
L implement switch position signal (a, a)
L spring energy storage condition
L operating button state (closing, break-brake)
L remote input signal (closing, break-brake)

(3) the control function
L support controller operation panel circuit breaker operation,;
L support handheld wireless remote circuit breaker operation,;
L support wireless PDA terminal operating circuit breakers,;
L support the distance remote implementation circuit breaker, master station system;

(4) the state function, of output
L 4 empty road relay node in the output
L output current control switch state and alarm status, cell activation.

(5) current protection function
L quick break, limit per hour break, over current protection of three stages;
L inverse time current protection;
L zero sequence current protection and the small current grounding protection;

(6) reclosing function
L 0 ~ 3 automatic reclosing function;
L after reclosing acceleration;

(7) closing latching management and control functions
L on electric switch; L lost of subsection brake;
L is the instantaneous pressure locking, etc.;

(8) locking ring network control function (only for ring type)
L the bilateral loss of subsection brake;
L have a pressure on both sides atresia;
L the instantaneous pressure closure;

(9) maintenance functions
L local LCD button and set the parameters of querying data, fixed value;
L support the short distance wireless communication PDA data query and set parameters, fixed value;
L support through local debugging RS232 interface to query the data and set parameters, fixed value;

(10) data storage function L curve data storage:
L realize the voltage, current, power and other data storage;
L, SOE events record stores; Control operation record stores;
L fault wave record record store, etc.;
L support history data added to upload;

(11) current waveform display and fault wave record function
L real-time display the current waveform;
L record and can query the current waveform before and after fault occurrence;

(12) intelligent power management
L have power lost protection, primary power supply after losing electricity, the device work normally not less than eight hours;
L support after the loss of pressure switch movement number of 10 or more times;
L support manual, far away the battery activation operation;

(13) communications functions
L Support various communication modes: optical fiber Ethernet, GPRS/CDMA, MV carrier etc.. ·
L Support for DL/T634.5101-2002, DL/T634.5104-2002 and other communication protocol.

4. installation size


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