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 Product Description

Product Name: XB803 PM Mechanism Reclosing Controller
Product Description:

l            It is pecially designed for outdoor medium-voltage monostable PM circuit breakers;

l            With wholly industrial design, it can adapt to outside environment;

l            Set functions of current protection, reclosing, wireless remote control, local control, state information acquisition and communication as one;

l            IGBT controls output, it can quickly cut off fault power;

l            Adopt LCD display and numeric keys, convenient for operation;

l            Fault wave-recorded, convenient for fault analysis;

l            Adopt aviation socket to connect to circuit breaker, convenient for installation and maintenance.



XB803 reclosing controller is a intelligent control equipment specially designed for outdoor medium-voltage monostable PM circuit breakers and reclosers. It can be classified to four types based on monostable unicoil, double coils and whether matching with ring main.






apply to monostable unicoil PM reclosers



apply to monostable unicoil PM ring main reclosers



apply to monostable dual-coil PM reclosers



apply to monostable dual-coil PM ring main reclosers

XB803 reclosing controller can help PM switch to realize data acquisition and telemetry, current protection, reclosing, faults recording, remote communication, local/remote control operation, and switch state acquisition /output, etc.

It support multiple communication mode, so as to construct DAS. Manual and remote battery activation function is available. Adopt LCD display, convenient and visible. Function of faults recording is easy for analysis. And harmonic measurement is convenient for Power Quality Analysis.


Performance parameter:

l            Environment: Temperature: 4070Relative humidity: 10%100%;

l            Rating data: Rated voltage: 220V/100V; Rated current: 1A, 5A; Rated frequency: 50Hz;

l            Power consumption: In non-communication, active power5W, apparent power10VA;

l            Sampling precisionDC sampling precision: grade 0.5; Current and Voltage precision : grade 0.5; Power precision: level 1;

l            Electromagnetic Compatibility: Fast transient disturbance test, high frequency disturbance test, surge test, electrostatic discharge immunity test,and radiation electromagnetic interference test to the device all can meet the requirements of DL/T721-2000 Distribution Automation System Terminal Unit;

l            Insulation test: Insulation test accord with the demand of GB/T14598.3-93 6.0;

l            Impulse voltage test accord with the demand of GB/T14598.3-93 8.0


Main Functions:


l            Three-phase voltage,three-phase current, P,Q,S,CosΦ;

l            Zero-sequence voltage, zero-sequence current;

l            Frequency;

l            Voltage harmonic, current harmonic;


l            10-line telesignalisation acquisition

l            Switch position signal(closed position, open position);

l            Operation button state (closing, opening );

l            Remote signal input (closing, opening );

l            Local/remote button state;

3Function of control

l            Support circuit breaker to close/open through operation panel;

l            Support circuit breaker to close/open through hand-held wireless remote controller;

l            Support circuit breaker to close/open through PDA wireless terminal;

l            Support remote master station to realize circuit breaker’s closing/opening.

 4State output

l            4-line relay empty note output;

l            Output current switch state(closing/opening posing), alarm state and battery activation control.

 5Current protection

l             Quick break, flash quick-break, three-phase overcurrent protection;

l             Inverse current-limiting protection;

l             Zero-note current protection and small current grounding protection.


l            03 times automatically reclose;

l            Acceleration after reclosing.

 7Opening/closing management and blocking

l            Power-on closing;

l            Non-voltage opening;

l            Instant pressure blocking

 8Ring main control blocking

l            Bilateral pressure losee opening;

l            Bilateral pressure blocking;

l            Instant pressure blocking


l            Data recording, searching and setting through local LCD displays;

l            Support searching data and setting parameter within short-range wireless communication;

l            Support searching data and setting parameter through debugging local interface RS232.

 10Data storage

l            Can save curve data;

l            Can store voltage, current, power, and so on;

l            Record and store SOE(Sequence Of Event);

l            Save control and operation events;

l            Fault records and storage;

l            Support added uploading historical data.

 11Current waveform displaying and fault records

l            Display current waveform in real time.

l            Can record and search current waveform of pre- and post-fault.

 12Intelligent Power Management

l            Have function of power-down protection: it can normally work more than 8 hours after loss of electric;

l            Movement more than 10 times after loss of voltage;

l            Support manual and remote battery activation operation.

13Communication Function

l            Support different telecommunication modes, such as optic-fiber ethernet, GPRS/CDMA, medium voltage arrier, etc.

l            Support DL/T634.5101-2002, DL/T634.5104-2002 and many other communication protocols.


Installation size

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