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 Product Description

Product Name: CT23-D spring operating mechanism
Product Description:

The product is specially designed for operating outdoor high-voltage vacuum breakers such as ZW6, ZW8, ZW10 and other breakers with equal switching work. It has functions of OCP (over-current protection), remote operation and through-flow absorption and so on. Motor-driven mechanism (CT23-S is a manual mechanism), its mechanical life is 10000 times.
Technical parameters:
CT23-S spring operating mechanism (outdoor) main technical data:
(1) output angle≤44°
(2)Technology parameters of switch-opening and switch-closing tripper, overcurrent tripper and energy-storage electrical machine:


switch on coil

switch off coil

overcurrent tripping coil

energy-storage motor

rated voltage (V)

220(AC or DC)

220(AC or DC)


AC or DC 220

Rated current (A)





voltage or current arrange

AC:85~110% of rated voltage DC:80~110% of rated voltage

65%~120% of rated voltage(below 30%, don’t trip)

Open the switch when 100% of rated current.
Don’t trip when it is below 90% of rated current.

±10% of rated voltage

Overall installed dimensions:

Hole site installed schematic drawing

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