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 Product Description

Product Name: remote-control high tension switch and control device
Product Description:

Remote-control high tension switch and control device base on the national new key product “remote- control combined vacuum circuit breaker ZW8-12/630 " , gather electrical control, information transmission and software in a whole.It realizes effective control of outdoor HV switches dispersed in infinite distance in 10kV distribution system through GPRS network. It is a new generation of high-tech product by realizing the "resource sharing" between electric power and telecom. 
2、Main functions:
(1) Reliable long-range control of the executive terminal(high voltage switch) to open and close.
(2) Can inquire voltage, current, and power factor of the executive terminal (high voltage switch) at any time, and print out daily reports and monthly reports.
(3) Can automatically alarm for abnormal situations such as "vibration, failure to tripping, trip, off nets" of each executive terminal (high voltage switch) . 
(4) Has functions of remote atresia and listing.
(5)Can further realize the functions of automatic alarm for earth fault , isolation of short trouble and transfer supply.
3、Advantages and potential:
(1) It need not to climb up the pole to operate the high voltage switches. You can easily finish your work only through clicking the mouse in front of the compute within seconds. So as to improve work efficiency several times. It was popular with vast number of grass-roots workers because of good suitability in environment and atrocious weather.
(2) The isolator can realize automatic interlock and mechanical interlock by changing three independent and complex actions of breaker, isolator, and mechanical interlock into sequence. It greatly simplify the process of switch closing and opening. The new CLVT voltage sensor can ably obtain a 48V stable power directly from 10kV high voltage.It was a capacitive load with actual efficiency and high science innovation. 
(3) The functions of remote locking and listing effectively eliminate false switching when recovering power supply and ensure the operator safety during maintenance .
(4) The functions of automatic alarm for earth fault , isolation of short trouble and transfer supply greatly shorten the time for troubleshooting and save a lot of labors, material, which guarantee reliable power supply.
This product can meet the requirements of vast users and contains powerful market potential. The practical operation has proved it science design, stable performance, simple operation and practical functional. It clearly has infinite advantage compared with the similar products. We are sure that it will won hot praise from customers.

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