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Ningbo Xingbang Electric Co., Ltd.
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Enterprise engineering (technology) center description
Date:2013-06-03 Read for [2111] times 
Yuyao high-voltage electrical engineering (technology) center is yuyao municipal enterprises engineering (technology), based on ningbo development, electric appliance co., LTD., general manager was yuyao 2006 annual scientific and technological innovation achievement award winner. By the master, senior engineer as a center, vice President, concurrently hold the position of chief engineer.
   The center has science and technology research and development staff of 21 (see chart) its central organization structure, related research and development equipment worth more than 200 200 yuan. Center also has a covers an area of 7000 square meters of "distribution automation experiment zone", the park has built 11 10 kv high voltage overhead line, has introduced the GPRS network of light released communication optical cable terminal equipment, is equipped with 11 sets of intelligent high voltage switch equipment feeder automation in 10 kv distribution network can be conducted simulation test, the test zone only averages value reached 10 million yuan. Annually into research and development spending are in more than 6% of the sales, has developed a number of "high, fine, sharp" technology, based on enterprise development provides a strong power.
    Center also built a set of effective rules and regulations and management system, and for efficient operation provides a reliable guarantee. R&d project, relying on the company in the form of file clear: the project requirements, research and development responsibility, deadline and incentive measures, and distributed to the relevant departments to co-ordinate their requirements, at the same time to carry out the research and development, have special LiZhang, plans to use accounting department. Changes during the process of research and development, it must be made in writing by the r&d team leader change reason, Hugh, examined by technical deputy general manager, chief engineer for approval. Identification is completed by the technical manager presiding over corporate level products, engineering department and production department to coordinate after put into small batch production. Do whole process in an orderly way, and circulation gradually. To have great contribution in research and development personnel, center of praise, the notification commendation meeting, patented achievements bonus reward again. Make employees do have will to fight, to learn there is direction!
     Relying on the company's ISO9001 quality certification and 3 c products certification enterprises, with the office of the quality management, guidance, supervision and quality inspection department, laboratory, metrologists and relevant departments in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 quality system operation, quality accident, sticking to the principle of "three-no pass". Strict operation system, complete management system to guarantee the quality of the product, to inspire the staff's enthusiasm and creativity.
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