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A new round of farming telegram system reform is about to start
Date:2011-09-22 Read for [1958] times 
After moving ahead in dispute and exploration for many years , rural power structure reform is seeking a new evolution.
It's 12 years ago that the first time to reform farming cable system to reduce farmers' burdens. But deepen ceaselessly as what farming cable system reforms, the new issue that farming report job appears, new difficulty shows prefectural bureau gradually come out.
The existing achievements system, a rural electric power industry, reform the imminent unfavorable earlier this year by the state council, the leading system reform in the national research achievements orderly manner, of the end of may, farming telegram system reform research is closer to the end, it also means that a new round of farming telegram system reform is about to start.
This time, which way does rural reform to go? The doubt began from 12 years ago. It's time for the answer to be announced.
 "Our hometown, on the promising" this cheerful lyric song, is the uniform phone ring of the leadership of Power supply company in Yugan county, Shangrao city in Jiangxi. A responsible person endows the scene with some meaning "farming telegram is walking in the spring!"
  In early 2010, It is proposed to reform rural electric system in Central No. 1 Document. Then the responsible person believed that "the second spring of rural reform has come." However, it's he who "standing in the spring" has a glorious vision but is puzzled by the reality at the same time.
  "The rural electric reform is facing to a historical opportunity, but there’s no doubt it needs huge amounts of money, and in the existing system, farming phone companies can not afford "the pincipal expressed to China Economic Weekly in the beginning of May.
In dozens of county electric power supply company that the reporters interviewed in Jiangxi, all principals  expressed such fears without exception. A company official in Ganzhou power supply speak his mind: "if only rely on the joint-stock county power supply company for help, not only the rural electric reform cannot complete, but the whole rural electric power industry will be unsustainable."
Almost ten billions of liabilities: rural power enterprise's predicament
Time back to 12 years ago.
In 1998, aim at the problems "difficultly and expensively using electricity" caused by chaotic rural power management system and backward rural power grid. It takes "two change one same price"(reform rural power grid and the power system, carry out same price in same net)as the key point for the first time to start the national farming telegram reform.
Take Jiangxi province for example, the rural power supply system included three pieces before, that county hydropower company (straight belongs to the provincial water resources bureau),power supply company(county government, in charge of ETC),and township power station(in charge of township government). Prices adding-on is a familar sight when counties had no power supply company that belonging to State Grid. 
  It was proposed a basic principle that "one county one company" and to realize integrated management of county and town power in the national farming telegram reform in 1998. Jiangxi took the lead in conducting shareholding reform. It combined power supply enterprise in county, township and village together to establish a power supply CO.,LTD. that Jiangxi power company holding 60%, county governments holding 40% of the shares.
Jiangxi finished shareholding reform in 1999.It realized same price in power in urban and rural residents of the whole province in January 2004.
 At present, with the all-round development of new rural construction and county economy, the shortcomings of the first rural power shareholding reform are appearing gradually. 
"Some rural power enterprises in counties began to reform when they didn't clearly delineate their debts that leave endless disaster to new rural power enterprises." Many managers of county electric power supply companies poured out their grievances to China Economic Weekly in Ganzhou, Jiangxi.
Before the first rural power shareholding reform, local government executive orders resulted in county Waterpower Companies many debts that didn't clearly delineate when the reform began.     Now it should be legally to hold joint-stock enterprises accountable. Huyaru, the deputy secretary-general of Jiangxi electric power enterprise association said, this situation  exists in not only Ganzhou but also many other places in Jiangxi, and debts guaranteed from some counties  up to a hundred million.
According to the information that reporters got from Jiangxi electric power enterprise association, from the end of 2009, general assets of Jiangxi rural power was 11.292 billion Yuan, total liabilities were 9.775 billion Yuan, and the debt-to-asset ratio was 86%,include nine enterprises had debt-asset ratio more than 100%,and the highest was 110%. 
For a long time, because of the limited investment funds and rural power grid planning are restricted by artificial factors, the structure of rural power grid is weak, planning lags behind, and the voltage level is low. In addition, with the rapid development of economy in county recent years and the rapid growth of rural electric load, substation locating nodes and the development of county economy hasn't been synchronous, and it is difficult to support the rapid development of county economy.
"Break the system of fort achievements system has be imminent. “An electric power industry experts say, "farming telegram system reform not fully in place which caused by the contradiction between, the existing system already against the integration of urban and rural economic and social development."
Next reform: city and countryside integration?
It is clearly proposed to start a new round of rural grid reform in "Central No. 1 Document “and the Central Economic Working Conference this year.
Early this year, in accordance with state council deployment, the national development and reform commission set up the rural power system reform work leading group in the country and achievements in research system reform, it also means a new round of farming telegram reform is about to start. 
Along with accomplishment of the county electric power supply enterprise share-holding system, Jiangxi province has thoroughly untangle the chaos in past few decades, and realize "counties for entities, integrated management of county and township electric power” preliminarily.
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