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Ningbo Xingbang Electric Co., Ltd.
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                      Quality Policy

                Innovate technology to be China famous brand
                  Keep improving to be pride of the industry

  Xingbang company “to the quality create brand, the service win market”. Being dedicated to professional production of various operation mechanism and HV voltage switches. It has become China's largest operation mechanism production base. In the industry enjoys a reputation of "Mechanism King". The company attaches great importance to the quality of products,continuously improve the management level of the enterprise.It has established a complete quality management system,and at the same time actively carry out "6 S" work, further standardize the enterprise management、improve the working efficiency、optimize the working process, reduce the cost of management, comprehensively improve the quality of products.
  First, the company strictly according to ISO9000 quality management system standard, and control standards of the people, machines, materials, method to implement the control, as early as 2000 by the Quality Association of ISO9000 quality certified warranty center, and through the 2000 version of the ISO9001 quality certification in 2004,.In August 2010, again through the ISO9001/2008 quality management system certification, to provide a guarantee of high quality products.
  Second, strict implement the latest products standards in accordance with its national quality requirements for production, manufacturing. While continuing to improve the internal control standards. Fully meet customer requirements to the quality of the product,and ensure high-quality products.
  Third, strict control the quality of products. The company has a skillful inspection team, relate to raw materials, purchased parts and spare parts for rigorous testing.Strictly guarded the source of product quality,also strictly implement product factory inspection standards, determined not to leave substandard products to the factory.   Through the implementation of self, mutual inspection, special inspection and other methods to guarde good quality by layers .
  Fourth, to strengthen the means of detection. The company testing center established as: large organizations detection、small organizations detection、breaker detection of three testing area,there is a simulation operation test base,a transformer testing control room, there are twenty extra test technicians,four test engineers. With features more than 30 sets of testing equipment including HV voltage tester、Switch mechanical properties tester、loop resistance tester、light HV voltage test transformer (100kv)、reactance battery tester、all-efficacy instrument transformer、Organization dedicated test stand features,etc.Among them the HV voltage switching characteristics tester can accurately test the points、 closing time, points、 closing speed, Total travel and other technical parameters. Effectively ensure the quality of HV voltage circuit breaker of machine manufacturing, also ensure the quality of manufactured products.
  Fifth, strengthen the sense of quality and improve the quality of staff. Every year regularly held middle-level cadres, quality inspectors and professional skills training courses, put the quality consciousness permeate every job and all production processes. And actively focusing on the trade exchange, reference to foreign advanced standards, learn from other enterprise quality testing methods, make the company continue to improve and enhance the detection system. Effectively guaranteed the company's product quality.

Institutions is being tested testers
ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification
Measured test personnel agency

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