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Intelligent high voltage switch industry into the "deep"
Date:2013-09-17 Read for [2066] times 

Intelligent high voltage switch industry into the "deep"

- to visit China xd group co., LTD. Xi 'an xd switch electric co., LTD., secretary of the party committee, is senior engineer Zhang Meng

CLP Yu Haijiang news reporters

"At present, the overall plan of west electrical intelligent as' integration design, integration test, integrated delivery as the means, to realize the total integration, debugging equipment manufacturing enterprises, the general is responsible for the targets'. To improve the alignment of the primary and secondary equipment, development of rational layout is compact structure, high reliability, high degree of modularity and good fusion switch and other smart devices products." Recently, China xd group co., LTD. Xi 'an xd switch electric co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "west electrical") secretary of the party committee, is senior engineer Zhang Meng in Chinese electric power newspaper in an interview.

Chinese electric power newspaper: the current status of development of the domestic high voltage switch industry? In the market share and technology level, what are the differences between the high voltage switch with foreign products in China?

Zhang Meng: with the accelerating urbanization process, urban electricity continue to ascend, energy and power transmission and distribution facilities there are still a lot of room to grow. "Twelfth five-year" period, the country will build three horizontal and three vertical and ring uhv line; Countries from the northwest power grid and China ZhuWangJia stepped in to construction; City nets, rural electric is unceasingly thorough along with the upgrading of; Distribution network automation and so on are all high voltage switch the stable development of the enterprise provides the opportunity.

With the constant improvement of the domestic enterprise product technology and quality, the domestic high voltage switch products have covered the high pressure, superhigh pressure, uhv power transmission and transformation equipment market, accelerating the pace of the equipment in and past foreign enterprises in the era of Chinese electrical equipment market high returns do not exist already. In recent years, the domestic product technology technology in gradually narrowing the gap with foreign products, domestic market share of products has improved than before.

However, pack and the domestic high voltage switch industry, enterprise capacity and capacity expands unceasingly, makes the market competition.

On the market share, 1100 kv products are main contracting by domestic companies, but foreign companies has been trying to get independent contractor; Domestic companies share 70% ~ 80%, 800 kv products in recent years, foreign companies are also gradually into the market, aggravated the competition of the voltage grade products. 550 kv products of foreign companies and joint ventures more than 50% market share, 252 kv, 126 kv products share of foreign companies in the developed area is higher, this kind of product market competition has become comprehensive international competition. To some extent, foreign company's advanced management experience, technology innovation, and manufacturing capabilities, product reliability research, etc., still is an example of domestic enterprises to learn.

Chinese electric power newspaper: in recent years, which advanced high voltage switch products does your company have? Developments in the field of high voltage switch?

Zhang Meng: 1 ~ 9 months, west electrical new orders rose 19.5% from a year earlier, the cumulative orders rose 0.14% from a year earlier. In state grid corporation 1000 kv electricity to east project of anhui province in the centralized purchasing bidding, in the northwest provids networking, bidding, the second line of 750 kv power transmission and transformation project in southern power grid combination electric bidding have achieved good performance. A Turkey Carla 420 kv GIS project, and entering the Turkey market - for the first time in my company.

In recent years, the western electric in ultra-high pressure and ultra-high voltage, miniaturization, intelligent product technology development process, has been one of the leading enterprises in the domestic industry. Part of the product technology has reached the international leading level and international advanced level. Completed/Y5000 LW13-800-800 the development of the tank circuit breaker. Is the first in the world with open circuit current is 63000 a 800 kv circuit breaker of enterprises; The development of the completed 130000 SF6 Ann generator circuit breaker. Broke the monopoly of foreign companies in China generator circuit breaker market, is the first domestic enterprise complete SF6 generator circuit breaker development and so on.

"China electric power news" : the high voltage switch industry development of our country in trouble situation, under the background of excess production capacity, profit declined, in your opinion, what is the cause of the dilemma situation? What are the factors influence the development of high voltage switch industry?

Zhang Meng: user USES the lowest bid principle, caused the industry competition. Because each manufacturer "11th five-year plan" technological transformation has been completed, expanding production capacity, low price winning the brutal competition in the industry, although we took some measures, but the overall trend is still falling, complete disappointing profit targets, product prices are still running at a record low, product profitability is still small, profit margins; Collection difficulties, cause accounts receivable is increased, make business more difficult. As part of the project in the project, funding, site construction and other reasons, makes a considerable part of the contract to produce at the time of payment difficulties, backlog a lot of money, accounts receivable is too high, but the payment collection uneven, enterprise day-to-day working capital more nervous; In addition, the independent brand protection is not enough, the enterprise high investment, low returns.

"China electric power news" : in the current market environment, the high voltage switch enterprises face tremendous subsistence pressure, what do you think should be how to break the bottleneck? Zhang Meng: to break through the high voltage switch companies face enormous pressure to survive. First to improve the internal management, good internal work, improve product quality, enhance the ability of enterprises to participate in international competition. Give play to the role of industry, formed in the high voltage switch industry and market quality first positive way of thinking and the market mechanism, promote the high voltage switch product prices return to reasonable, lay the foundation for the high voltage switch equipment manufacturing enterprise's benign development. Giving full play to the advantages of technology to explore new territory products, open up new markets. State shall establish a corresponding quality system and the system, protection of advanced and backward, standardize the industry admittance mechanism, from the system and the system guarantee for healthy development of the industry.

"China electric power news" : in the face of high voltage switch equipment intellectualization and localization calls, should make efforts in what aspects?

Zhang Meng: through the practice of smart grid project, from 2009 to 2012 in the current path of localized in high voltage switch and intelligent, basically has the following three issues: intelligent integrated into a device sensor resistance.
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