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The state grid provided strong impetus for development of Tibet
Date:2014-08-27 Read for [1468] times 
Source: August 27, 2014, a quarter past eleven national grid On April 12, 2014, at an altitude of 5200 meters of mount Everest base camp formal power. The state grid in power grid extension way, to extend 10 kv line here. Visitors enjoy referral Everest beauty at the same time, can feel modern civilization of electricity in the tent hotel. From Tibet tashi zong tingri county township of 27 curved run tent hotel has 7 years, he said: "Everest tent camp hotel existing 60 tents, electricity, heat water pressure cooker, mobile phone charger, very convenient, we have been very happy and tourists." From April to October each year, more than 70000 people visit mount Everest base camp. 82 - year - old kampot and two teammates from Everest base camp to 54 years ago, created the human history from the Northern Slope of Mount Qomolangma, let the five-star red flag flying for the first time at the top of the earth. He said: "home electricity, tourism, convenient contact, night lighting, especially on environmental protection, can increase the facilities, protect the Everest core." Everest base camp electricity is only part of Tibet by state grid company. Built in Tibet by list,, "the household electricity", the Tibetan networking, fastening the networking, talent support erected milestones. Twice in 1980 and 1980, the Tibet work forum, the party central committee and the state council in 1994, held the third Tibet work forum, a responsible, counterpart support, regular rotation "divided" strategic decisions. Idle away one's 20 years, snow area Gao Yuansheng upheaval, Tibet's economic output has increased by 13 times: in 1995, the Tibet regional GDP is only 5.61 billion yuan. In 2013, that figure jumped to 80.2 billion yuan. At present, there are 17 provinces and municipalities, 17 central enterprises, as well as central government ministries, counterpart support Tibet. Over the past 20 years, energy, electric power industry, state power company to the present state grid company, always put Tibet as an important work to grasp. Household electricity, light up the plateau Time back to September 20, 2010, with its Chinese Tibet electric power co., LTD., for the district to achieve "household electricity" marked, state grid corporation of "household electricity" target comprehensive implementation, complete "household electricity" project, with the total investment of 15.86 billion yuan, 1.341 million households WuDianHu, 5.089 million people without electricity, can solve the problem of electricity. For Tibet, this is a historic moment. This moment, thanks to Tibet electric power management system reform. This moment, thanks to the company and the general grid builder for nearly three years of arduous efforts. Before 1997, Tibet electric power enterprise institution changes frequently, and other industrial management institutions share the many times, always is the business model of government direct management enterprise. Established in 1997, the Tibet autonomous region electric power company, taking the first step to enterprise operation. After ten years, the Tibet autonomous region electric power company gradually straighten out the internal management system, the whole city company successively on the transformation, gradually realize direct management by the government to enterprise management. In July 2007, controlled by state grid corporation, the Tibet autonomous region people's government in its Chinese Tibet electric power co., LTD. Was set up, established ties with the central enterprise capital. But at that time, a pressing problem facing the company, because the reason such as history, natural conditions, Tibet has many population without electricity. Solve the Tibetan people most concerned about, the most direct, the most realistic problem of electricity is poverty alleviation projects, the virtue-building, popular project, and carry out vividly embodies the spirit of the central Tibet work forum. For a long time, the company consciously service of the party and the nation's overall work, positive performance of the state-owned enterprises social responsibility, to provide high-quality power supply service for the society, in-depth implementation of the "household electricity engineering and electric power construction in the region. Company chairman, party secretary him had explicitly pointed out that "the implementation of" household electricity engineering, is the company's service the first urgent task of socialist new rural construction." Also in 2007, the company and the Tibet autonomous region government signed jointly promote the "household electricity engineering construction meeting minutes, implement the central Tibet work forum spirit. Peaceful liberation, under the feudal serf system of old Tibet everything worse, deteriorated. If the peaceful liberation of open to the historical process of modernization in Tibet, then "household electricity" lit up the journey to the Tibetan compatriots towards the Chinese dream. High mountains and great rivers, short construction period, alpine hypoxia, rub garment board road... Not fear difficulties, grid builders answer forcefully, weight. Xigaze power supply company development, deputy director of the side button bead participated in the "household electricity" project. To carry out the engineering construction at the time, he didn't get home almost every day is the morning, at 6 o 'clock in the morning to the construction site. Patton said: "' household electricity engineering implementation in Tibet and realize the main grid covered under 32 counties' household electricity. As electricity, I felt very proud." Is not only a common builders, the company's pay is great, it's hard to imagine. Tibet and other provinces (area) part of the remote areas, investment of 30000 yuan to 40000 yuan per family. If the farmers on normal 50 kilowatt-hours of electricity (in fact, basic to reach remote areas farmers) calculation, 300 worth of electricity is 300 yuan a year, "household electricity" 300 worth investment can make these places household electricity in 100. But this is YiZhanZhan incandescent lamp, lit up the Tibetan people's life, convey the light, warmth and hope. To one thousand species of highland barley, cattle and sheep, and the first intimate contact, open the door to the vast space and time, see a brighter future. Standing vice-chairman of the Tibet autonomous region Ding Ye now has said, in recent years, the autonomous region party committee, government and the support of state grid corporation, its power in Tibet vigorously implement the "new socialist countryside, new power, new service" development strategy of actively implementing rural electric and "household electricity" project of construction and reform, and solve problems and improve the power of 1.2361 million people, greatly improve the quality of the rural power grids to achieve high reliability of power supply and power consumption, strong support for Tibet's economic and social development and the improvement of production conditions and living conditions of the masses of all nationalities. To this, China tibetology research center researcher ROM wool pile of that. ROM wool
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