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Ningbo Xingbang Electric Co., Ltd.
Add:No.8 Beisheng Road, Mazhu town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang,China
Opening bank:Mazhu Sub-branch Bank of Yuyao Rural Cooperative Bank, Zhejiang province, China
Zip code:315450

Current Location:Home R&D Production Facility

  Our company has excellent facilities and testing method. The laser cutting machine tool can cut all kinds of sheet matel below 20mm freely. The CNC machine center can make different shapes of the complex parts, 630tons large hydraulic press can pull out the whole switch case easily. Those slap-up production facility are lay the foundation for the high, perfect and apex products.
  The SLCF-X15×30 cantilever type laser cutting machine tool is joint-stock by Shanghai and Italy. It’s used the current world's most advanced Germany LuoFen Xi’an laser. The machine grafts the Italy PPIMA cutting technology, use the high rigid cantilever flight light path, and equipped removable cutting workbench. It can deliver super wide and over length panel veneer from three directions. The cutting workbench can conduct plane working with finished piece after removed, also can match the welding cutting and other multifunctional workbench, the man-machine proximity and flexible manufacturing are wonderful.

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Add:No.8 Beisheng Road, Mazhu town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang,China Tel/Fax:0547-62465407
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